Monday, December 15, 2014

Desperate For The Perfect Blow-Out In A Box? Try New Make It Straight

The perfect blow-out. It usually only exists in a salon with a pro behind the machine.

But what if you were seeking the perfect blow-out in a box?

Is that a real possibility? Or a waste of time + cash?

According to the company,  that launched their NEW D.I.Y. blow-out kit, yes, you CAN achieve straight, shiny, healthy hair without the formaldehyde.

It's called, Make It Straight by DeveloPlus. And it's about $10, at Walgreens.

Make It Straight is a hair straightening system that avoids formaldehyde. All it takes is one application and you're on the straight + narrow, so to speak:

Innovative Formula Helps Straighten while Repairing Damaged Hair
  • Promotes Salon Blowout Results
  • Lasts Up to 20 Shampoos
  • Helps Eliminate Curl & Frizz
  • One Easy Application

We have NEVER tried this straightening kit, because our locks are straight to begin with, but this kit appears to be a decent D.I.Y. way to obtain smooth, straight hair even after several shampoos (the company claims 20 shampoos).

Amazon sells it, too. And it's received 3 1/2 *** stars as a product rating.

We would suggest reading all the reviews here BEFORE trying a new product near the holidays, because if it comes out lousy, well, that just ruins your important day.

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