Monday, December 1, 2014

Great Bang For Your Buck: Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm $5

Let's get real.....At this time of year, cold, crisp, very dry air plays havoc with the skin for sure, but it also does a number on the lips.

You DO need a lip balm of some kind daily, and we've got a super tinted, hydrating balm for $5. You get the moisture and a pretty, sheer wash of color.

Great for on-the-go and especially, "Great bang for your buck!"

We're talking about Sally Hansen's Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm ($4.99, at drugstores). They're getting harder to find lately in-store, so you might have to search around a bit.

We don't believe the product is discontinued, because the balm is amazing, and Sally Hansen still features it on their website.

It looks like a twist-up, chunky lip crayon. Plus it comes in 10 shades, like Plum. Mauve. Nude. Pink.

There is nothing heavy or peppermint oil-irritating about these jumbo chapsticks. In fact, "the lightweight formula smooths and hydrates lips, for 30% more moisturized lips, instantly!".

And it features a buildable sheer to medium sheer tint for the lips. And it has a nice, vanilla scent.

This is a good beauty budget buy!

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bd44 said...

I buy mine at You have to pay a bit more but I LUV these balms. I have the feeling that Sally Hansen is slowly getting ready to discontinue them. I have 7 balms so far.LOLz