Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tone It Up! How Toners Do 3 Great Things For Your Complexion

Back in the day, we were putting on Seabreeze toner with a good, ole cotton swab to ZAP zits + knock back the greasies with a major STING to the face.

Now, toners have reduced the strong alcohol level, but STILL perform 3 great things for your complexion:

1. CLEANSE the pores. Toners help get rid of whatever junk + debris is left behind when you're done washing your face. It helps prevent future break-outs and heals the acne you're dealing with at the moment.

2. HYDRATE the skin. Toners saturate your face and neck. You can find toners you just spritz on, to avoid the old-fashioned cotton ball approach. Toners help balance the complexion, nourish it with a good formula of nutrients and vitamins. Every toner is different. One with rose water for instance, would provide a calm, smooth effect with soothing properties for redness

3. REFRESH the complexion. Toners allow the skin to feel clean and healthy, especially during those cold, dry, winter days and nights. Think of toners like a nice bath for the complexion. The skin looks and feels smooth and radiant, without the dry, flaky appearance and too-tight pores.

Toners are a very good thing for your complexion. Choose wisely. We found tons of toners just at Amazon alone. Take a look right here.

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Reggie's sister said...

They still sell Seabreeze. My brother is 45 and he still loves it. ROFL!