Friday, December 5, 2008

3 More Super Holiday Gift Ideas Each Under $35

Let's go shopping!!!

20 more days 'til Christmas. And only 17 until the start of Hanukkah. And if you got a late start this season to begin all your holiday shopping, don't despair---we've got a few ideas up our sleeve.

We know....many of you are on a budget. Seriously. But we do share this in common---we all want to buy our favorite people some really unique and lovely presents.

We took a look at Nordstrom's, the fine department store. And we came up with 3 super holiday gift ideas. And all 3 are under $35 each.

For the sweet gal in your life, why not pick up the Philosophy Gingerbread House Set ($30, 4 oz. each). How cute is this? Philosophy packed this adorable, little gingerbread house with 4 of their high-foaming bath products---shampoo, bubble baths, and shower gel. And take a beautiful sniff of these scents---cinnamon hot dots, sweet creamy frosting, spicy gumdrop, and gingerbread, of course!

Next we have a gorgeous way to hold back someone's long and luxurious hair. This is a stunning piece---the France Luxe Cut-out Jaw Clip ($34). Tortoise shell tone with rectangular cut-outs. About 2 1/4" wide. And made of strong resin. We like this clip because it can handle thick tresses and makes a pretty hair statement.

And lastly, for the woman expecting in your life, why not treat her to a wonderfully nourishing belly cream. It's called---Honeydew Skin Care Maternity 'Bun in the Oven' Super Rich Belly Butter ($32, 4 oz.) This stuff is amazing and protects against stretch marks. Made with 4 nourishing butters in a balm scented with citrus oils. A truly moisturizing and soothing experience.

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