Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cargo Makes Beautiful Eyes With Goof-Proof Palette

Remember 'paint by number?' Stop laughing. Well, the clever makeup folks at Cargo, have come up with a truly genius way to make you a couple of gorgeous eyes guaranteed!!!

It is almost like 'paint by number.' Just a bit easier. All you are dealing with are 4 pretty eye shadows in one small kit.

It's called Cargo Essential Palette ($32 at It features 4 graduated neutral shades designed to give your eyes instant definition. The palette pictured above, is Warm/ Neutral. Cargo also offers the palette in Cool/Neutral and Dark/Neutral.

Yeah. The kit is almost goof-proof. If you love sexy, defined eyes, then you should try this Cargo Essential Palette without fear.

The eye shadow palette spells it out for us, duh!! In other words, follow the directions embossed on each pan of colored, velvety powder. Grab a shadow brush, even a Q-tip, and 'paint on.' And blend. Then add your own mascara. The 4-way shadows give the eye a soft, professional look with depth and beauty. A perfectly sculpted eye!

Outer corner

Women seem to love this color-co-ordinated eye shadow kit. Just read some of the makeup reviews at

The only error we could find in the Cargo Essential Palette is its missing eyeshadow brush or applicator. It would be nice to find a little brush in the kit, to help you 'paint on' your 4 shadows. Otherwise, BYOB...or bring your own brushes, ha ha. Like we said above, a simple Q-tip can do the job, when you can't find anything else around.

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