Monday, December 29, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery Bigger Than Ever In 2009

You can look up the statistics anywhere.

Cosmetic surgery is performed around the globe, and popular procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and nose re-shaping, are taking place in record numbers.

The art of making people more attractive is not a fad. In fact, cosmetic surgery will be bigger than ever in 2009.

And these procedures are not just common in the United States. Canada is building its own solid reputation for beautiful work and highly skilled surgeons, namely, plastic surgery Toronto.

Take a look at Brampton Cosmetic. The cosmetic and laser surgery clinic is located only 30 minutes from Toronto and Oakville, and just 90 minutes from Niagara Falls.

There you will find the skilled artistry of Director of Surgery, Robert Sleightholm.

Dedication and experience define Dr. Sleightholm. And with more than 18 years of running his practice, and some 200 cosmetic procedures performed annually, the patient can be assured, that he or she, is in very good hands.

If you desire a more attractive you in 2009, Brampton Cosmetic can take you there with:

Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Female Breast Reduction
Male Breast Reduction
Fat Transplant
Tummy Tuck
Face Lift
Eyebrows & Eyelids
Nose Re-Shaping
Ear Re-Shaping

This fully accredited cosmetic surgery clinic also offers a sophisticated line of skin health non-invasive procedures:

Photo Rejuvenation
Cellulite Treatments

To better understand how good a cosmetic surgeon is, and how organized his or her practice is, you would be smart to do your homework. In other words, check out their website. Look at 'before & after photos.' And read some testimonials, like this one, to Dr. Sleightholm:

To Dr. Sleightholm,
Words cannot express the gratitude and the wonderful feeling of utter beauty, self confidence and poise that I feel after the magnificent surgery you have performed. Truly, your work and you are “MAGIC”.
God Bless, C.K.

Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Sleightholm of Brampton Cosmetic are not super-human, but they are gifted with a special eye towards beauty, and understand how unique we all are as individuals. Whether it's liposuction or any other desire, highly skilled artists like them, can help us achieve our personal beauty best in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

great article + fine surgeon!
my sister had some work done + she looks very good.