Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walnuts Wonderful For Plump And Soft Lips

Our beauty tip today-----

Munch on some walnuts. Your body will thank you.

This delicious nut encased in a big, hard shell,
packs a lot of punch. Walnuts are a super food. For five years now, the FDA, or Food & Drug Administration, has approved a qualified health claim for walnuts---the first ever for a whole food.

The magic ingredients in walnuts are omega-3 fatty acids, and in large amounts.

That means extra protection for your heart. Healthier arteries. Balanced cholesterol levels. And high anti-oxidant levels to care for your skin.

And strangely enough, our research shows that eating walnuts gives you plumper and softer lips!!

The omega-3 fats do many good things, as we mentioned above. And what we like about them, is their ability to shed old skin cells and bring in new ones. Omega-3 fats are able to regulate this cell turnover, so that it happens all the time. And that results in softer, moister, plump lips. Say good-bye to chapped lips.

To get in on the cell turnover action, doctors advise that you eat an ounce of walnuts every day. That's about 14 shelled halves.

The good news---walnuts are quite tasty. It's a delightful way to do something good for your heart and your kissable lips.


Anonymous said...

I'm a runner and walnuts are the perfect pick-me-up food. Glad to hear it makes lips soft and kissable.

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