Sunday, December 21, 2008

LeeAnn Rimes Shares Struggle With Psoriasis In New Ad Campaign

When you look at 26-year-old LeeAnn Rimes, you see a lovely and vibrant woman with the amazing voice.

But what you hadn't seen, until now, is the singer's lifelong struggle with a skin condition that affects some 7 million Americans.

And now, LeeAnn Rimes, is bravely putting her face on this chronic, autoimmune disease known as psoriasis.

Our beauty tip today, shows us that hope and science are incredible, when the two come together.

We are happy to report that LeeAnn Rimes hasn't had a flare-up from the condition in 5 years. She has controlled her psoriasis through diet, medication, a wonderful doctor, and a healthy lifestyle. And her skin is clear and glowing.

But it was quite a nightmare for a young girl growing up with the disease. She told her story to

By the time she was 6-years-old, 80% of her body was covered with psoriasis. Kids were cruel, and LeeAnn felt a heavy isolation.

"Kids didn't want to hang out with me or touch me," LeeAnn says. "I remember being called 'Scaly Girl,' and never ever wanting to go out in a bathing suit."

Psoriasis can cover its victims in red, scaly patches that crack and bleed.

Today, there are a number of treatments for the autoimmune disease. Some products really work well, and others do not. It is not an easy problem to conquer.

Meantime, LeeAnn Rimes has now put her face on the disease, and proudly. She appears in a new PSA, or public service announcement that brings attention to psoriasis. It's called the Stop Hiding campaign.

We appalud you LeeAnn Rimes, for being such a special and gracious young woman.


Anonymous said...

Miss Tania, God bless you for such an interesting story becuase my 14 yr old daughter has been suffering with this condition. She will be happy to know shes not alone.

Unknown said...

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