Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How To Get Celeb Style With Big Glam Sunglasses

Actress Kate Beckinsale can often be seen wearing round, oversized sunglasses, as you can see from the photo. She's got glamour down to a science. Of course, many beautiful celebrities put on huge, dark frames to hide from the paparazzi. And yeah, they go out with huge sunglasses when they don't feel like putting on makeup, or even to hide a late, busy night of fun.

Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian. Just a few of the famous faces donning big, glam sunglasses as important accessories to their Hollywood style.

Of course, these wealthy women are wearing brands like Chanel, where dropping a few thousand dollars for a pair means nothing.

But, you, too, can get the same fabulous look. All you have to do is a little accessory hunting. And the internet can be your best shopping pal, when you want to save a few bucks, but still get celeb style for peanuts.

Check out the sexy, round, oversized sunglasses in the photo. Very Nicole Richie, we might add. And cheap, too. Fantas-Eyes. Just $18.00.

Where? At http://www.fantas-eyes.com/. Get designer shades in all kinds of styles and colors for about $20, or less. Pretty copy-cat frames with the latest Hollywood celebrity style.

Another shopping site for glam sunglasses, this one offering a huge selection, is the 15 dollar store. Everything at this site is just $15. Sunglasses from designers Steve Madden, Chinese Laundry, Rocawear, and XOXO. Retail prices range from $32 to $50 and higher. All you pay is $15 a pair. http://www.15dollarstore.com/.

Can't beat it.


Anonymous said...

I love oversized sunglasses and I love the pair that Kate is wearing, another cool site that I purchase my sunglasses from is http://www.thehoneyroom.com, they have a ton of them

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for your comments. I'm going to check out the site you suggested here, yoo.

Big is better, like I always say...lol...Seriously, oversized sunglasses are very flattering to most face shapes and ultra glam.