Monday, December 8, 2008

Jumping Rope A Super Fat Burner For Diet Plan

Maybe you jumped rope as a child. Our mother loved double dutch. And yes, we have fond memories of double dutch jump roping in the playground.

Jumping rope isn't just for kids. It's actually an excellent cardio movement for adults, for 3 reasons:

1. A super fat burner
2. Firms your legs nicely
3. An overall body exercise

We also love jumping rope because it's not that hard to do. You don't need much equipment. You can also do the exercise privately. Or you can jump rope with the family. Everyone can have fun and participate. You can jump rope indoors and outdoors.

Sure. You can spend lots of money for a fancy jump rope. Some have beautiful colors. Others have small weights in the handles. A few are Olympic style. And some moms use their daughters' simple jumping ropes. A rope doesn't have to break your budget.

According to the stats, "jumping rope at a moderate speed (between 70-85 turns a minute) for 15 minutes, burns almost 200 calories. That is about the same amount as running a 10-minute mile."

No. You will probably not be able to jump rope for a 15-minute period, at the beginning. Trust us, we could barely do a minute of straight jumping, before almost collapsing when we first started. But the more you jump rope, the easier it gets, and the quicker you will improve. And the exercise is great for your heart and lungs, the entire body.

Here are 4 important tips we found from Keith Byard in an old magazine. Keith taught 'sport-roping' at his gym in New York City:

1. Use proper form. In other words, jump low---just high enough to clear the rope--and move your wrists, not your arms or shoulders, as you jump. (Not as easy as it sounds)

2. Interval jump. Alternate 50 jumps with a 30-second rest period. Build up to 10 jump-rest intervals. (Yikes. You might want to try a few less as a beginner)

3. Side jacks. By changing jumps, you target different muscle groups. Assume a jumping jack position. Jump with your feet together, and then with them shoulder-length apart, as if you were indeed, doing a jumping jack. (Great for outer thighs.)

4. Crisscross. Jump and land with your feet apart. Then jump again, bringing your legs together and crisscrossing your ankles. Repeat the jump sequence by alternating your feet.

Whew. Out of breath yet? You don't have to jump like boxer Mike Tyson used to. Any little amount of jump roping is excellent for your health. As we said, it is a super fat burner for your diet plan. And you will get better as your jumping routine continues.

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