Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eyebrow Sealer Helps Keep Brows Neat And Pretty

Before we discuss eyebrow sealer and how it can maintain a perfect arch, let's first deal with these little 'frames' for our eyes.

Eyebrows. You either loves yours, or you don't. And there are several schools of thought on brows. Some makeup artists believe in the L.A. brow. That's the thin brow you see in the Los Angeles area. In other words, the Hollywood brow. Just look at today's actresses. Most are sporting highly arched and thin brows.

But some makeup legends like Sandy Linter, whose portfolio reads like a 'Who's Who' of famous and beautiful women, will always advise you, to keep your eyebrows natural. Sandy Linter says, that when you want to know what kind of brow to 'wear,' look at the photos of models in a magazine, for instance.

And Sandy Linter is on to something. Models are sporting thicker and more natural brows these days. She also warns women not to over-pluck, and not to have brows waxed. Instead, carefully remove the hairs you don't need, and don't fool around with trying to create a very high arch. Just trim the longer brow hairs with a scissor. Try to remove as little brow hair as necessary.

Sandy says, "Overly thin brows are aging on a woman."

Okay, we get the message, Sandy. Fuller brows are better.

Working with a little eyebrow makeup is okay, and some women who just don't have thick eyebrows, can work some colored eyebrow powder into their sparse hairs, to create a fuller and more natural brow.

Another neat little trick that gives fullness to the brows, is an eyebrow sealer. It's a little bottle of beauty magic that comes in a liquid or gel form that you brush on to your brows to 'set them.'

Eyebrow sealer accomplishes all this:

Holds natural brow and/or brow make up all day long
Will not dust, flake or shine
Easily removed with water and any cleanser

Here's a brand you can try that lots of women adore:

Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer ($12, at

And you could always try a little 'moustache wax' to keep those brow hairs in place. We had a girlfriend who used to steal her boyfriend's colorless moustache wax. It came with a little brush, and she would apply to her thick, gorgeous eyebrows, and they stayed in place all day.

Nah. He never found out she was stealing his wax.

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