Wednesday, December 24, 2008

FDA Warns Diet Coke Plus To Stop Nutritional Claims

Many of us are hooked on, addicted to, and can't-live-without diet sodas.

And apparently one giant company is over-exaggerating the so-called good stuff for you, found in its pop. And the FDA is warning them to back off. If it ain't in there, than you can't brag about it.

The diet exaggerations are coming from Diet Coke Plus.

And now Coke has to go back and make new labels, because the former ones are not as full of all the vitamins and minerals they describe on the bottle.

Coke has not commented so far on the Food & Drug Administration's warning to them. And the soda company can choose to ignore the scolding, but could also end up in court for not following manufacturing and marketing regulations.

Regulators say that Diet Coke Plus does not have enough nutrients to justify using the word "plus" in its name.

What's the big deal?? According to the agency, foods that wear the label "plus" must have at least 10 percent more nutrients than comparable products. The FDA also states that it is inappropriate to add extra nutrients to "snack foods such as carbonated beverages."

What's the lesson here? Just enjoy your diet sodas, and don't expect any ground-breaking nutritional value to come out of a soda drink. It is what it is----a carbonated beverage. The good news with diet sodas---they have tiny amounts of calories in them.

Meantime, we told you last month about that natural sweetener called stevia. The FDA has just given the thumbs up to the herbal sugar substitute. Zero calories, baby!

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