Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beyonce Obsession: About Her Height, Size, And Weight

Beyonce is having a good fact, a very fine year, and 2010 has just begun.

Let's face it: There is the Beyonce obsession. What is that you say? People want to know everything about her. She is a superstar. And after taking home 6 awards (being nominated for 10 Grammys) Sunday night, you have to admit, Beyonce is a mega-star! She has shattered Grammy records, and she has done so in a most gracious way. She is a class act.

And there's no looking back. Beyonce was in NYC Tuesday night, promoting her debut signature fragrance, Beyonce Heat. The songstress looked beautiful in a sexy, red dress. Most importantly, Beyonce looks healthy and fit. And this is where the Beyonce obsession begins.

Take a look. There are tons of websites devoted to Beyonce's height, size, and weight. We were stunned by the theories and arguments over this young woman's stature.

For the record, Beyonce is a 'petite 5'3" tall.' That's according to a 2009 magazine interview with the singer in Ebony. And we trust the writers of Ebony magazine. If you take a look at tons of articles about her, Beyonce ranges in height from 5'3" to 5'7". And folks talk all day about her curves and possible weight. We haven't been able to get the facts about her time on the scale, but back in the Destiny's Child days, Beyonce herself, claimed she was 135 lbs.

As for her dress size, who knows? Articles have pegged her at a 6, 8, 10, 12, and beyond. All we know, is that Beyonce is a healthy skinny, and not a size zero, and probably not even a 2.

What you see in Hollywood, is often times, 'smoke and mirrors.' In other words, most celebrities are actually shorter than they claim. So, if a celebrity is listed at 5'9",chances are, she is more likely 5'7". Fudging the facts are common in Hollywood. And as far as weight goes, women have become tinier and tinier each year, so most actresses and singers are very slender in person.

Beyonce has been clever to fool her admirers by extending the length of her legs through killer heels. Check out the photo below. Beyonce loves high heels, and it's not unusual to see her walking around in 4-6 inch heels!

How else does Beyonce stay looking so gorgeous?

Beyonce once told In Style magazine that when she's hanging out at home, she keeps it real and simple. Just a little pink lip gloss and some black eyeliner. And we also learned that she is a big fan of moisturizers from Carol's Daughter.

And she keeps her shiny hair healthy with Kimble Hair Care Shape and Hold Spritz ($11, 8 fl. oz., dept. stores like Target).

Beyonce won't go anywhere without her eyes, so to speak. She adores L'Oreal Original Voluminous Mascara ($8, drugstores). "I never leave the house without mascara," Beyonce has been quoted.


dd2 said...

Well sorry I dont beleive Eboney mag. ive seen Beyonce in person +stood rite next to her and she is tall!I say about 5 ft 7in.And I'm about her size when im in heels too

Anonymous said...

to be honest, i think Beyonce would look prettier if she was not so curvy. but i respect her, just don't think "curvy" looks that good in my opinion.

g. said...

Luv Beyonce's curves!
Ask all the men out there who would prefer a little meat on their bones.

chris said...

Yeah she definately isn't 5'3" but she is beautiful. Wish i had her curves.

Shirlena said...

Clearly you all don't do any type of research... in the Destiny's Child autobiographical book (which came out around 2001) Beyonce clearly states that she is not only 5'3" but also the shortest out of the three. Yet, I love how people want to believe what they want even when the stars themselves speak on what it really truly is. For the one who "stood right next to her", you must not have been looking at the 4 inch heels that were on her feet. I mean seriously no star is just going to see her fans wearing flats or slippers... especially not one who is at the top of the whole game. Sometimes I wish people would just use their brains.

Anonymous said...

if she is 5'3 why is it that when she had an interview with tyra banks she was almost as tall as tyra banks? we all know tyra banks is 5'11 without heels and over 6 feet with heels and tyra banks had on heels as well even if beyonce were 5'3 with 6 inch heels that would only make her 5'9 and she looked a good 5'11 to 6 feet

Anonymous said...

B is most likely 5'7 or taller. She's definitely not 5'3.

Here's the link showing her height. She's standing next to Halle Berry who wears similar shoes. Halle is 5'7" and looks petite in frame and height compared to B. Why she would lie to Ebony is beyond me. Guess whatever's popular... be it big behinds or being short. Rediculous.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how tall she is but she is A LOT shorter than I thought and most people think. My b/f and I won 4 tickets to see the The Pistons vs the Lakers in LA. Beyonce and another guy sat 2 seats down from us. I'm 4'11 and and she at least 3" heels on and was MAYBE 6 inches taller than. I say six inches because my b/f is 5'6 and when she passed us they were eye to eye. Once again she had high heels on. So my guess would be 5'3 or so, but she is definitely not 5'7" she had on 3 inch heels and she would've been much taller than my b/f if she was 5'10". also she's not as curvy as she looks on TV. She is quite small actually with a normal size African American butt,,,lol. They make her look like an amazon on tv.

Anonymous said...


I believe that the anonymous that posted the last comment on Jan 29,2011 said something that made sense to me, by her picture while she was in Brazil, visiting the Christ Redeemer Statue, and also by the hotel's balcony, I could assume that she is by 5'4" (1,65m) or a bit taller than that. She even mentioned in her interview for Piers Morgan that people mention that she is smaller than they think, when people meet her personally. But I am saying all this not for any bad, actually for good as it means that anyone of us can also be beautiful, it is a matter to know how to "put yourself together..."

Jael Siang'a said...

its now 2013..and the Esquire mag, finally tracing her true height places her at 5'3... and a petite size 6. (just as she'd mentioned in their 2003 documentary)
many women would rather believe she's taller or bigger than that to justify their own size with the bootylicious slogan...but truth is, Queen Bey is curvy but really small.-a little annoying, haha. her curves are (33/34-23/25-38/39) -considering her fluctuations-
she's a Hollywood figure-they are NOT big..!!!

nicki Jackson said...

Really! Why in the world would Beyonce lie about being shorter than she actually is? Celebrities tend to add an inch or two, not subtract.

Angel Lane said...

Who cares about the social media or beyounce personal life i love her and blue ivory id beautiful keep doin you bey they just jealouse of her thatz my opinion

Angel Lane said...

Do you bey i love you

Unknown said...

You don't respect to Beyonce if you don't like her WONDERFUL curvy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

78912 said...

You don't respect to Beyonce if you don't like her WONDERFUL curvy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!