Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clever Adhesive Snap Hem Solution For Too Long Jeans

Can you hem, ladies?

Maybe those jeans were perfect with your Louboutins last evening, but now you need those same jeans with your classic ballet flats ASAP!

It's okay if you can't sew on a hem, because we're loving this clever no-sew solution.
We just caught the product being demonstrated on Good Morning America earlier today. It's called HemmingMyWay. Cute title. Hey..... no alterations. So easy to use.

Very clever.....'why didn't we think of that' type of invention. According to their website, just snap and go!
"HemmingMyWay: the first snap hem with a revolutionary adhesive backing that allows you to snap under your long hem for flats (and here's the kicker) unsnap to slip back into heels! Snap - Unsnap - Snap - Unsnap... Two hems at the same time....genius!

Finally...we can say no to expensive habits of buying two pairs of jeans with different hem lengths, no to pricey trips to the tailor, no to long hems dragging on the ground, and yes to running around town in stylish flats, before slipping back into stilettos for dinner."

We found HemmingMyWay at for $19.99 and free shipping. In a package of HemmingMyWay you get 6 pieces - 2 long pieces and 4 short pieces. And these adhesive snap hems are removable & reusable eight or more times.

Remember, ladies: Make your jeans work with every shoe in your closet!
Actually, a really clever solution, we think.

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