Thursday, May 6, 2010

Would You Stick On Lady-Like Chanel Transfer Tattoos

Transfer tattoos. This is a big trend for 2010 in body art. And Chanel is making it all very lady-like with some elegant, tres chic beads and floral prints.'s not real ink, but you have to admit, these temporary tatts are quite pretty.

It all began with designer Karl Lagerfeld and his runway show. His models' arms and legs were adorned with delicate-looking tattoos at the country-inspired Chanel spring/summer 2010 catwalk showback in September. Hay was strewn along the runway to give a bucolic touch to his designs. But it was the cool tattoos like the sexy chain-link ones, that everyone's been talking about. The Chanel models had each been hand-painted for the show by make-up artist Peter Philips.

And now, these Chanel Transfer Tattoos are available in Chanel Boutiques to non-models, too, in an easy, quick transfer tattoo method. We're told that a set of 55 individual Chanel tatts will cost you about $70.

Would you stick on a few? We especially adore the wrist bracelet tattoos. We think those are sexy.
And for those of you who own real tattoos, some of you might want to take the fake Chanels and have real ink ones designed for you. We think it's a clever trend in body art, and are curious to see how many permanent tatts emerge from the delicate, lady-like Chanel transfers.

Gaia Geddes, executive fashion and jewelry editor of Harper’s Bazaar in the UK, explains the new trend this way. “The tattoo has long lost its tacky associations. Wearing a fashion tattoo is the ultimate fix for label-lovers: they can literally brand themselves in double Cs. It’s a sort of extreme, conspicuous consumption – tongue-in-cheek, of course. Karl Lagerfeld is the master of the quirky must-have and he’s managed to make the tattoo look cool in a way that makes the label accessible. Coco probably wouldn’t approve – but, then, isn’t that the point?”.

So, er, for the stick-on tattoo novice, how do you put the transfers on?

Duh. “Dunk them in water until saturated. Wait a bit. Then press on really hard.”


Lacee said...

Your very funny, Tania. I 'own' 4 tatts + wd luv to get a REAL tatoo of the Chanel double Cs. Just might do it. Why stick on when you can have it permenent.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i would try one of these to see if i like the way it looks. if i hate it, i can always take it off. i follow this blog now! feel free to check me out and follow my fashion blog too.