Sunday, May 16, 2010

Perfect Anti-Perspirant That Really Stops Underarm Wetness

Underarm wetness. Sweating. Excessive perspiration.

Not pleasant to talk about, but many of us do suffer through this problem daily. Anti-perspirant after anti-perspirant. Somehow, none of them really work. And it's not easy trying to raise your arms when everyone will see the shadow of wetness under your sleeves.

We can tell you, through personal experience, we have found the perfect anti-perspirant. No more sweating, we promise. 72 hour protection, according to the company.

It's called Certain Dri, and it's been around for a number of years. It really works! And thankfully, it's available at your favorite drugstore ($5.50). Years ago, you had to send for it by mail.

Plus, there's a new Solid CertainDri out. Instead of the usual Certain Dri Roll-On, there is the solid, which works just as superbly.

Applying Certain Dri includes a bizarre method, if you will. You put it on at night, before going to sleep. That's how it works, shrinking your pores to stop excessive perspiration. And you don't need to put on a lot. Use it sparingly for several nights a week. And no fear---it will not wash off after bathing or showering. How cool is that?!

We've always been a fan of the Certain Dri Roll-On, because it feels like you're merely applying water to your underarms. It's colorless and odorless, and by the way, Certain Dri is actually water-based (vs. alcohol-based like its prescription competitors) and available without a doctor’s prescription.

There is also another fine Certain Dri product in their lineup---this one you use during the day, Certain Dri A.M. ($5.50), which provides more of a deodorant action. This little bottle stops odor.

It's an effective 2-step system in the war on sweating. And it works. Period.

For more information, take a look at these testimonials from happy users at Certain Dri.

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MinA said...

JTania If u say its good then I will try it. So embarassd by wet under arm stains.