Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday: Loving The Laser For Making Skin More Beautiful

The laser has been around for 50 years now?! Wow. And what a remarkable invention it has been, especially in the world of beauty. Happy Birthday, dear Laser.

We take a lot for granted when it comes to technology. And yet, without all these amazing discoveries, where would we be without them? Let's face it.....the laser makes skin more beautiful.

From what we have learned, it was Albert Enistein who actually came up with the idea back in 1917, building on his earlier calculation, that light was made up of tiny particles called photons.

Moving ahead to May 16th, 1960 (50 yrs ago yesterday), a not well-known scientist working in an underfunded lab in California set off a technological and scientific revolution! "Theodore Maiman and his assistant Irnee d’Haenens succeeded in coaxing a beam of coherent light out of a flashlamp-pumped crystal of pink ruby. The laser had arrived."

Of course, the rest is history. Today, lasers are used everywhere, everyday. From supermarket checkouts to dentists' offices, and so on.

We are loving the laser for how it's changed the skin we live in. It's marked a huge advancement in the war on aging. Today, there's a new set of aesthetic lasers designed to quickly, safely, and gently repair wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, uneven texture, broken capillaries, age spots, and sun damage.

And sometimes, lasers are even better than certain plastic surgery procedures. Let us explain:

A 2009 November article in the NY Times Fashion & Style section said that, when it comes to treating aging skin around the eyes, your best bet is laser resurfacing. It's even better than surgery.

Dr. Michael McGuire, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon and president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons told the NY Times this: "If the skin is mildly wrinkled and/or pigmented, the laser can be a good option," he said, adding that he frequently gives laser treatments to patients in their 40s to defer face-lifts.

There are a number of different lasers available, all developed to perform unique improvements to the skin. Your dermatologist can help you seek the right laser treatment.

By the way, laser sessions are not cheap. The price can run anywhere from $400 to $8,000, and beyond, depending on what skin problem(s) you are trying to zap. But the results last a long time.

So, Happy 50th birthday to the laser.....and many more!

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