Monday, May 10, 2010

Pump Up The Volume: Big Hair Is Back For Spring/Summer 2010

Volume. Big hair. Lots of locks.

Here at Beauty Tip Today, you know by now, that we are obsessed with big hair. And we love talking about hair and more hair.

Yes, we have lots of hair, of fine to medium thickness. And without any product to help us give our locks some structure, we basically have shapeless volume. That's why we love volumizers. Okay, that really isn't a word, but in the hair biz, it has become an accepted part of language. Ask most women, and they know exactly what a hair volumizer is, and what it does.

BIG Hair is, well, BIG in spring/summer 2010! The runways showed off masses of hair on the models, some of it teased sky-high, a lot with huge curly dos, and some with endless big waves. Designers like Rachel Comey and Luca Luca made sure their models had hair had to remember. And look at Canadian model Jessica Stam's big blonde head of hair in a photo from the NY Times, Now that's some sexy, bad girl big hair!

And celebrities like Beyonce have been walking the red carpet with glamorous volume.

So, how do you get there fast? With a great hair volumizer. After showering, just spritz and spritz, and blow-dry your hair, with your head upside down.
And try this little number by the hair folks at AG Hair Cosmetics.....Bigwigg Root Volumizer ($24, 10 oz., at authorized AG Salons across the country, and online at sites like

Bigwigg Root Volumizer does a super job:
1. Has a Volume hold factor 4 of 5 (Volume hold factors are from 1 for softest volume to 5 for most volume)
2. Perfect for hair requiring lift at the roots and additional volume.
3. For incredible volume spray directly at roots and then through clean, damp hair and blow dry as normal.
4. Delivers volume directly to the roots of lifeless hair breathing life back into dull, flat hair.

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