Monday, May 24, 2010

Expert Hair Tips From The Uber Hair Experts Themselves

Hair. Between all the blow-drying, the chemicals, the sunning, the pinning, curling, and the tugging we do to our strands each day, it's a wonder we have any hair left.

So, today we take a look at some expert hair tips from the uber celebrity hair experts themselves: Kim Vo. Ken Paves. And Frederic Fekkai.

Let's be honest, ladies. We're going to keep coloring, perming, straightening, blow-drying, flat-ironing, adding extensions and so forth. So, let us at least, look at some basics.

Oh, yeah...we know some double-process ladies. They love to get a big, wild perm, especially in summer, and then color and highlight on top of those strong and damaging chemical hair procedures.

Is it ever okay to get a perm and get permanent color? Or, are both processes too harsh?

Master colorist Kim Vo: A perm and a permanent color in a same day process is like killing a fly with a shotgun. A perfect alternative is a semi/demi- permanent color. This will provide rich, shiny, longlasting color.

Ha ha. Love Kim Vo's delicious sense of humor.

We also had some curiosity about all the expensive styling tools that pros like Ken Paves use when tending to their clients' beautiful heads of hair. Ken's pick for a cheap, great hairbrush might surprise you:
DCNL Porcupine Cushion Hairbrush ($24.99, ULTA stores and at He loves this good-looking brush with the bright red cushion and nylon bristles with boar bristles.

Ken Paves: Works just as well as other mixed-bristle brushes that are far more expensive.

How about coloring hair at home? Well, of course the experts would prefer you visit them for top-notch, healthy hair color, but even Manhattan-based Frederic Fekkai knows that a lot of women still want to tackle their own roots every once in a while. So he created his own brush-on permanent hair color

Frederic Fekkai: Fekkai Salon Color is the only at-home color kit that comes with a brush and bowl technique, just like one sees in a professional salon. Fekkai Salon Color comes in 20 delicious shades, and promises long-lasting color with gray coverage and a 40% increase in softness and shine.

And he's certainly not alone. Ken Paves has a big hit with his own line of clip-in hair extensions made famous with Jessica Simpson.

And Kim Vo raves about his own line of styling products:
Kim Vo: The Kim Vo product line is created from a colorist's point of view. It is for natural or chemically treated hair. If I were on an island with only two products, they would be my Moisturizing Masque and my Radiance Creme. Both are moisture packed and would make any stranded person style-savvy.

Whatever you do to your hair this summer, just remember, that a good trim in between all the hair madness, will always leave you with healthier-looking locks. Sometimes, a couple of inches lopped off, can save you from the harsh realities of peroxide, flat-irons, and sun-soaked days on end.


Radu Prisacaru said...

great post as usual!

curly hair boy said...

It is very glamorous to see dyed hair it adds up beauty. But to achieved products should be carefully chosen something that could never permanently damaged our hairs.