Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goody Spin Pin Promises To Create Chic Messy Ballerina Bun In Seconds

A chic, messy ballerina bun. It's definitely a hot look, but not easy to imitate, unless you're an incredible stylist like Ted Gibson.

The days are getting warmer, and you really want to fashion yourself a sexy, messy bun. But you're all thumbs. Well, it doesn't matter anymore, because you can try the Goody Spin Pin. For just $6.49, you can buy a pair of Spin Pins, and casually, and effortlessly, create the runway look of the chic, messy ballerina bun. And the Goody Spin Pin(s) come in 2 colors, brunette and blonde. No other tools are needed......no elastics or tons of bobby pins. Even if your hair is layered, the Spin Pins keep strands tucked in.

And it's simple:

If you can make a ponytail, well, you're on your way!
1. So, put your hair in a ponytail.
2. Wrap the ponytail around into a bun.
3. Then twist two of the Spin Pins in a criss-cross manner into the bun.
4. Congratulations! You now have a chic, messy ballerina bun
Still too afraid to try the Goody Spin Pin(s) on your own. Still need to see some proof?

We hear you. Check out this YouTube video. It's a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Are there any other styles you can do with the spin pin other than that bun???