Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shield With Easy Peel Off Strip

Perfect nails.

No, we certainly don't have them. In fact, we were just in the dirt on a farm, picking ripe, luscious strawberries for about an hour.

Don't even ask us about our nails. We abuse them constantly.

And hopefully, Sally Hansen's new 14 Day Nail Shield ($6.99, at drugstores) can offer the nail-challenged some relief.

So, what's in the box? We asked 'Sally':
Pre-treated, sheer color strips instantly bond to nails for maximum protection and strength, with a hint of color.
These sheer color nail strips give an instant manicure.
The color infused strips go on dry so there is no drying time or smudging.
Strips won't chip up to 14 days.

Choose among 3 sheer color shades---Sheer Nude, Sheer Buff and Shell.

Hmmm. A one-size fits all nail strip??!!

It sounds good on paper. All you have to do, is select a strip size. Remove the clear protective cover. Peel off the strip; and apply to a clean, bare nail. Then file off the excess..

True, it ain't rocket science, but the size of the 16 strips in each box is somewhat on the large scale. So, it would appear, that you are going to have to use a little muscle, to get these to properly fit each nail. Reminds us of the Sally Hansen French Nail strips. We had a heckuva time trying to manuever those into perfectly mooned arches. And yet, the idea was a clever one.

The great thing about Sally Hansen's new 14 Day Nail Shield, is its concept. No drying time and an instant manicure with a pretty and very shiny coat.

We'd like to hear what you think about these easy, peel off nail strips.

Is it a 'do' or a 'don't'?


ELLA said...

dont bother, TANIA.Ibought these 2wks ago at CVS and ur right. the size is big.I finally got them to fit and then file them down, but they chipped within 4 days.Not their best product cuz I like the Sally line for nail stuff,just thouhgt Id give my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Sally 14-dayNailShield sucks!!
Better off buying as bottle of regular nail polish, to be honest.The strips 2thin + 2sticky.
And mine cost me 8 bucks.

pennysaver said...

Hi,I tried this product about 10 days ago. They were very easy to put on and have adhered very well. I shower and do dishes every day with no problems, whatsoever! I was able to cut them in half so I will have extra product when and if I need it. I would recommend this product to anyone. They are great! I haven't tried to remove them yet. I don't expect to have a problem. I will let you know how it goes.