Friday, November 26, 2010

Celebrities Batting Big Sexy False Lashes Trend At Red Carpet Events

Let's face facts: The big, sexy false lashes trend is red-hot on the red carpet these days. Celebrities like Country singing sweetheart Taylor Swift was batting a 'bad-girl' pair at the CMA's last week, along with her bangin' new sleek hairstyle and bangs.

And even Lady Gaga was going 'ga-ga' when she lost hers: The singer recently tweeted, "It is a promising morning when your eyelash falls in your Folgers"?

And let's not get started with all the Kardashian 'kuties' who absolutely don't leave home without their big, sexy false lashes....we're talking about you-- Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and mama Kris.

It used to be, that a pair of false lashes were only put on for very special, nighttime engagements. But times have changed. Many women love having long, sexy eyelashes, all day long, and wear them to work. Some use strips of faux lashes and others apply a few individual lashes at the outer eye corners.

We would agree that it's best to have a professional makeup artist putting on your thick, long eyelashes, but most of us are not celebrities or models, so---we have to go it alone.

No, we have never worn false lashes, because we have been blessed with long, dark lashes, however, we could use a thicker fringe, and would love to see what a pair would do for us.

Meantime, YouTube has plenty of Kim Kardashian-inspired false lash tutorials, and they are very helpful. Check this one out by sccastaneda.