Monday, November 22, 2010

Is That Really You Taylor Swift: From Curly To Straight With Bangs

OMG! We had no idea who that gorgeous young woman with the sleek straight hair and bangs were at last night's American Music Awards show!

Is that really country singing star Taylor Swift?!

We honestly did not know who that blonde beauty was, until her name was announced to come up and accept an AMA award. Duh! Maybe we were half-asleep at the time, but really now, Taylor Swift has done a 180 degree turn with one, simple, hairstyle.

Bloggers everywhere are talking about the new, straight hair do. And a lot of fans claim it's a wig, or weave. And others swear it really is Taylor's own hair, merely blow-dried straight. A few also remarked that Taylor looks like a young Nicole Kidman.

Hmm. We, too, do not believe this is Taylor Swift's real hair, in our humble opinion. However, we think she rocks it well. And she delivers a totally different look. We also loved her makeup, including the sexy, doe-eyed false lashes she had on, along with a paler lip. She tossed out her signature red lipstick for a lighter touch.

Speaking of Nicole Kidman, who also has incredible curly locks, she, too, switches to a sleek straight hairstyle upon occasion. And this is how she achieves that look with her own hair:

Bio Ionic Hair Care Products. Kerry Warn, Australia's own celebrity hair stylist (takes care of Nicole Kidman's locks), uses and recommends the Bio Ionic products to his clients."These products use the Trinity FX charge to shatter water molecule clusters by up to 10 times their size and keep them apart, allowing the properties to penetrate deep into the hair shaft." You end up with straight, silky, smooth hair.

Whether it's curly or straight, it's nice when women have a choice.


M. said...

Taylor told Jay Leno that it was her real hair made straight. Im not sure I believe her. It was weird that no one rcegnized her at first when she walked by people at the awards show.

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