Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey: Not Just For Bodybuilders But For Lean Beautiful Muscles On Everyone

Tired of turkey following the Thanksgiving Day holiday?! Don't be. It's the beauty gift that keeps on giving.

In other words, turkey is a dieter's dream! Bodybuilders have known for years, the benefits of including turkey in their very disciplined way of eating.

Turkey = an excellent source of protein...low in fat.....and builds lean muscle.

And turkey can be prepared a number of delicious ways. You probably have left-overs at the moment. How about a turkey vegetable soup? Yummy. We made soup today.

We did a little research, and found this beauty nugget at :
..."Turkey breast is a portable, no frills way to get large amounts of complete protein without worrying about fat content. A 4-oz. serving of 98 percent lean turkey breast contains more than 20 g of protein, reports

Besides sandwiches, lean turkey breast goes great on top of pizza, as part of a salad, or even on its own as a high-protein snack. The one downside of turkey breast is that it tends to be very high in salt, which may increase the risk of hypertension in salt-sensitive people. Instead, opt for low-sodium versions of turkey breast."

Let's be honest...the holidays roll around and the food and high calories keep coming our way. If you're trying to stay on the skinny side, then you need to choose wisely, and turkey gives you the green light.

We women, especially, do not get enough protein in our diets. William Evans, director of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Exercise Laboratory at the Donald W. Reynolds Center on Aging at the University of Arkansas explains why:
"Roughly 25 percent of adults over age 20, and 40 percent of those age 70 and up, fall below it, according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics, let alone eat enough to protect bones or muscle. And thin women, dieting women and elderly women--who are especially vulnerable to the ravages of bone and muscle loss--are notoriously low on protein. "Losing muscle causes older people to become weak and frail," says Evans...

So, ladies, how much protein is enough??

According to the stats----.25 to .5 g of protein per pound of body weight is adequate for the average woman.

Remember: Turkey is not just for bodybuilders, but for lean beautiful muscles on everyone.

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