Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smoky Eyes Of Martina McBride Take Beauty Edge At 2010 CMA's

Spectacular blue eyes! You would think that maybe blue-colored contact lenses are key to singer Martina McBride's unforgettable eyes, but according to her fan website, not so:

"Those are Martina's very own blue eyes. She does wear contacts, but they're clear."

Last night at the 44th Annual Country Music Awards show in Nashville, Martina McBride's eyes were more memorable than the sparkling cocktail dress she wore. Here are a few reasons why her eyes give her the beauty edge:

1. Wide-set eyes. Martina's eyes are large and far apart, and yet, nicely give balance to her facial features.

2. Incredible smoky eye makeup with lots of mascara, and a soft, nude lip bring attention to them. We've read that Mary Beth Felts of Nashville does Martina's makeup. Well, Mary Beth gets an A+ in our humble opinion.

3. Blue eyes and brunette hair make a wonderful complimentary combination.

4. Good brows with a high arch also frame the eyes

If you're blessed with such striking blue eyes, we suggest doing a Martina smoky eye using colors in the charcoal or silver shades.

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