Saturday, November 13, 2010

Retinoids And AHAs/BHAs Make Nice Skin.... But Not At Same Time

Retinoids and AHA/BHAs equal nice skin.

But how you use beauty products that feature strong ingredients like Retin-A or retinol in conjunction with AHAs like glycolic acid or BHAs like salicylic acid, makes a huge difference.

For instance, most dermatologists would agree that regular use of Retin-A at night and AHA/glycolic during the day is perfect for skin rejuvenation.

However, combining a retinoid with an AHA or BHA at the same time, is a no-no, because the effectiveness for both ingredients gets greatly diminished.

And always remember this:

AHAs/BHAs in the A.M., and Retinoids in the P.M. Plus, plenty of sunscreen as you head out the door, every day.

By the way, always apply retinoids at night because the sun can also make the retinoid less effective.

We have learned that using Retin-A at night, which is a Vitamin A-derivative, and a glycolic acid cream in the morning, can still be quite irritating to skin. So, at least one day a week, we let our skin rest, and apply nothing at night or morning.

We all seem to be so impatient for healthy, clear, youthful skin. Most of us are anxious to rub in this or that on our faces and necks, and sometimes, these beauty products are strong and harsh. Break-outs can occur. Redness, rashes, swelling. We have experienced it all.

And be especially sensitive to the eye area. Both retinoids and AHAs/BHAs can be brutal to the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and under the eyes. Do not apply too much product. Less is better, trust us.


Anonymous said...

Super information.
Thanks,because I have been switching & using the Retin-A in the AM, because I thoiught it wouldn't make a difference. But boy was I wrong. I didn't know that it isn't as strong wearing it outdoors, etc.

katielee* said...

Your so right!I burned my eyelids after applying a glicolic acid cream.Ansd it hurt so much!I have to be more careful.And your right about letting your face rest at least once or twice a week.