Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grays And Roots Be Gone: ColorMark Wins Allure's 2010 Best Of Beauty

Ask most women who color or highlight their hair, and they will tell you that stray grays or roots that pop up so quickly after a salon visit, can be a real downer. Oh yeah, hair matters to most women, and when it isn't right, neither are you.

Let's face it, most women do have color-treated hair. Many dye hair at home, right from the color-in-a-box method, but the majority let the pros handle their hair coloring/highlighting needs. And it's an expensive visit.

So when those nasty grays and pesky roots suddenly appear, you reach for something to cover them up. Maybe it's a 'jagged' hair part to fool the masses. But usually, it's an at-home-root fix-in-a-box. Or it's a temporary color crayon, 'mascara-type' wand, or powder to hide the obvious. But these only coat the surface.

Some of these temporary fixes work well, and some do not. We use a temp mascara wand color to quickly erase the grays against our dark brown locks. It covers well, until our next shampoo, but it can also get sticky and clumpy, if we are not careful how we apply the wand.

We are tired of chasing after stray grays, but those hairs are not going anywhere, so we have to deal with them. And that's why we are interested in Allure magazine's 2010 Best of Beauty List. The beauty publication has named ColorMark Temporary Liquid Hair Color as the best when it comes to hiding grays and roots.

Okay, let's see why. ColorMark comes equipped with a lipgloss-like wand. It contains temporary liquid hair color in a tube, and it is available in 12 shades:
Rich Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Golden Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Really Red, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn..

No ammonia. No peroxide. And no sticky residue, flaking, or 'crunch' to your hair's texture. ColorMark bonds to the hair like all real hair colors do, and blends naturally. And ColorMark is economical, in that a bottle of ColorMark will last from 2-4 months, depending on the amount of gray that needs to be covered. The cost----$21.95 + Free shipping here, and also available at ULTA beauty stores.

We're going to give this little tube a try, and hope for the best.