Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Stay Skinny On Thanksgiving Day And Still Enjoy The Food

Don't worry, you can still stay skinny and still eat well during your Thanksgiving holiday feast.

Okay, so you shouldn't touch the fattening pecan pie. But then could have just a forkful to taste that heavenly sweetness.

So, before the big day, we want to help you decide ahead of time, what you can, 'stick a fork in it,' ha ha.

First of all, there is the turkey, And you know, that's a wise choice for staying slim.

Turkey is actually an excellent dietary choice----good protein with very little fat. And if roasted, low in sodium.

And by the way, turkey contains more protein than the same size serving of chicken or beef. So, you want the breakdown, here we go:

We got this information from

Roasted Turkey - 6 Ounces Dark + White Meat, Untrimmed 450 Calories.
Roasted Turkey - 3 Ounces White Meat - Trimmed (no skin, no fat). White meat contains a little less calories than dark. Add 30 more calories if you prefer dark meat 130 Calories.

1 Cup of homemade stuffing 400 Calories. 1/2 Cup of boxed stuffing prepared with no calorie refrigerated butter spray 110 Calories. 1 Cup of Giblet Gravy 300 Calories. 1/3 Cup of Giblet Gravy 100 Calories. 1 Cup of Mashed Potatoes 350 Calories. 1/2 Cup of Mashed Potatoes prepared with skimmed milk, no calorie refrigerated butter spray 100 Calories.

Stuffed Celery 1 stick 100 Calories. 1 Stick of stuffed celery prepared with reduced fat cream cheese 40 Calories. 2 Sweet Pickles 10 Calories. 2 Black Olives 2 Green Olives 25 Calories.

1 Cup of Candied Sweet Potatoes 400 Calories.
1/2 Baked Sweet Potato w/ small pat of butter, dash of cinnamon, a couple of packs of no calorie sweetener 100 Calories.
1/2 Cup of Cranberry Sauce 200 Calories.
1/6 Can of Cranberry Sauce - Jelled or Whole Cranberries 100 Calories.

2 Rolls With Butter 300 Calories.
1 Roll With 1/2 Pat of Butter 125 Calories

1 Cup of English Peas with Butter 150 Calories.

2 Glasses Sweetened Tea, Wine, Punch or Cider 300 Calories.
1 Slice of Pumpkin Pie With Topping 450 Calories.
1 Slice of Pecan Pie 650 Calories.
1 Cup of Fruit Salad 100 Calories.
1 Cup of Egg Nog 400 Calories

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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