Monday, November 8, 2010

No More Shaving With New No! No! Hair Removal System

We don't know any women that love shaving. Do you?! And yet, most of us do it, because we do not like unwanted hair. And shaving is the cheapest way to get rid of hair.

There are many, many products out there designed to make hair disappear, other than shaving. You've seen them and have probably tried some of them-----waxes, depilatories buffing pads you rub in circles, and even little beauty gadgets that claim to cut off hair at its closest end.

But do they really work well?

Everyone's been talking about the at-home No! No! Hair Removal System. This expensive gadget ($249) uses heat to zap away unwanted hair, better known as Thermicon technology.

And the theory behind it is simple, when you think about it:
NO! NO! heats the hair. The hair then heats the hair follicle, and the follicle is destroyed by the heat. The longer you use the No! No!, the better it works. In other words, over time, less hair grows back. Skin stays smoother and hair-free longer. It's a beauty gadget to invest in. And no, we have not tried the No! No!. We're just trying to research new high-tech beauty products that claim to have the science behind them.

Quick, supposedly painless, and easy. And you can zap unwanted hair, well, just about everywhere, according to the makers of No! No!........where unwanted hair exists -- on the face, arms, knees, and the bikini line, with results of up to 94% hair reduction in 6 weeks. No nicks. No cuts. No rashes.

You can look at this No! No! demo by Jalapena2007 on YouTube.

The No! No! Hair Removal System can be purchased at Sephora beauty stores.


Unknown said...

Wow I'm very interested in this...I don't see it at you have a link to it's page on Sephora? I would love to read the reviews!

J. Tania said...

Hi Nilooooo!, my friend!

I'm glad you pointed that out. Sephora has been advertising the No! No! system, and yet, their link here, just describes the product:

Maybe because it is fairly new, Sephora has yet to actually sell any? is selling them, but at this moment, they are SOLD OUT. is also selling them. Link is here:

You can check out those reviews, but unkind things were said about the product.

I will search for more. BTW, nice hearing from you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tania!! Yikes, those ARE some negative reviews on Amazon...well I think i will stick to my laser hair removal treatments and shaving in between appointments. I have really sensitive skin so I'm always looking for hair removal options that don't involve shaving as I go through the long slow laser hair removal process. Thanks for the post and the help! Love the blog! :)

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