Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are You Cotton Swab Q-Tip Obsessed When It Comes To Beauty?

Cotton swab. Q-Tip obsessed.

Yes, we are hooked, and can't get off the Q-Tip beauty train. We go through tons of cotton swabs weekly, and we'd be ashamed if the trash collector ever saw how many swabs we have disposed of.

So, what are we doing with all those hundreds of cotton swabs?

Lots of things. And find us one professional makeup artist who travels without a few Q-tips, and we would be amazed.

If you put on makeup, then you probably use them. Most women use cotton swabs for eye makeup help. For instance......a moistened Q-Tip can help extend your eyeline pencil stroke into a sexy cat eye wing. You can also remove eye makeup with a few cotton swabs dipped in baby oil or makeup remover lotion. And you can remove the gunk that sometimes builds up in the inner corner of your eyes with a Q-tip stick. You can sweep your eye shadow beautifully with a swab, and remove smudges that come from mascara mishaps.

We have used them to remove hair color during the dye process when a little runs on to our skin. We've also taken a few swabs dipped in acne cream to dab on our break-outs. Q-Tips also take off excess eyebrow powder without messing up the arch you've created. We've often dunked a swab in lemon juice and applied to our decollete freckles. And the list goes on and on.

For us, the cotton swab is a humble, but wonderful beauty invention. And oh yeah, you can even use a Q-Tip to poke around in your ear, although that isn't recommended any longer. Just be gentle, and don't get too busy in the ear canal.

Cotton swabs. Q-Tip brands. Even dollar store swabs. They all work wonders in the line of beauty.

In fact, we need to stock up on more ASAP!

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mercedes4 said...

LOL...So funny. I am a QTip freak myself. If you wear eye makeup QTips come in real handy