Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singing Superstar Taylor Swift's 3 Makeup Must-Haves

Taylor Swift.
She's such an unassuming singing superstar. And at the young age of 21, she exudes such poise and 'normalcy.'

Taylor Swift has tons of fans, not just crazy about her country hits, but desperate for her hair and makeup tips, too.

Today, we have Taylor Swift's 3 Makeup Must-Haves. And these beauty basics all come from CoverGirl:

The singer recently told People magazine, that when it comes to her makeup routine, it's a simple one.

"Eyeliner, foundation, and some sort of lip color. A lot of times, I forget about everything else!" she says.

1. Lip Perfection lipstick in Hot ($5.99, at drugstores). Taylor began trying red lipstick three years ago, and says it has, 'changed my life.' Her fave red is the new one by CG Lip Perfection.
2. NatureLuxe Silk foundation in Alabaster ($11.99, at drugstores). This base gives the singer flawless skin. And Taylor says she does take all her makeup off at night.
3. LineExact liquid liner pen in Very Black ($6.88, at drugstores). For those gorgeous blue eyes, she uses this liquid liner to get a more precise and lasting line. And when you want to make a cat eye, which has become Taylor's signature look, a liquid liner pen makes the application a lot easier.

By the way, Taylor Swift told People mag that she does her own makeup on tour. We like it.....a no fuss, pretty beauty routine.


major TaylorSwiftFan! said...

LOVE Taylor Swift and she can pull off the red lipstik which is very hard to do well. Thanks for the tips by Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Not liking the bright red lips.Shes a young girl and does'nt need all that paint.

Shop and Model said...

No matter what she looks and even without makeup shes so absolutely pretty.