Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Do Your Own Ombre Hair Like Celebs: Dark Roots And Sun-Kissed Ends

Do you ombre, ladies?

If you're not sure, just look at the lovely locks of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker----the queen of the ombre effect, as well as Jessica Biel, Ashlee Simpson(before she chopped it all off), Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad, and many others.

The ombre hair color trend is still as HOT as it was during the summer.

So, what exactly is the ombre effect?!

The ombre hair color trend features dark roots graduating in color to lighter, and finally, sun-kissed roots. And yes, ladies, you can do your own ombre hair color.

Master colorist to the stars, Kim Vo, says you can do this in the privacy of your own home, and that it's simple to do.

Here are Kim Vo's OMBRE HAIR COLOR STEPS, as explained to Harper's Bazaar:

1. Buy an at-home hair color kit that is 3 shades lighter than your natural color.
2. Apply with a brush to the last few inches of your ends.
3. For lighter ends, wrap the ends in plastic wrap while the color develops.
4. For the strongest intensity, wrap the ends in foil

You will see more of the ombre hair trend in Spring 2011 with a few more artistic washes of color. We like the trend. And we think it's especially pretty on blonde hair like SJP.