Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Stealing Spotlight Away From Kim With Skinny Post-Baby Body

At 31, Kourtney Kardashiam has never looked lovelier. There she is last evening at the Golden Globes Award show, rockin' a gold, strapless sparkling mini. And the reality star momma is also gracing the cover of OK magazine, one year after giving birth to cutie-pie son, Mason.

A sexy, blue bikini and oh-so-flat belly, and a whopping post-baby weight loss of 45 pounds!! She now tips the scales at 95 pounds. And no surgery was involved in her gorgeous transformation.

Kourtney is the oldest and shortest of the Kardashian sisters. She has often said, that if she walks alone down a crowded street, hardly anyone recognizes the dark-haired beauty. Well.....not anymore. Kourtney is definitely stealing the spotlight from curvy sister Kim.

"I love my new body," the 31-year-old tells OK. "They say that it takes a full year to really get your body back [after giving birth] and I believe that."

Kourtney has some sensible skinny post-baby body tips for OK magazine readers:

1. If you can, Nurse Your Baby. Kourtney says this works. "Because I’m nursing, I have to eat constantly. So when we’re filming I tell everyone, ‘Remind me that I’m hungry.’ And if it’s a snack, I try to make healthier choices." She also mentions in the Kardashian sisters' new book, 'Kardashian Konfidential,' that, "Breastfeeding takes a lot of the weight off, so I lost a lot of it easily, not changing anything."

2. Move Your Body. Kourtney did not get those amazing abs by just watching the fat melt away. Her advice---head to the gym for some strengthening exercises, and don't sit still. "I’d take him on walks when he was a baby and do squats while holding him…"

3. Adopt A Sound Diet Plan. Kourtney doesn't believe in depriving oneself of a few naughty foods, but after having had a baby, she has learned to eat small, and healthy but more often. The petite reality star adds "healthy choices with a few splurges," to her diet.

Kourtney Kardashian admits that it wasn't easy taking off the post-baby weight. But she also wants new moms out there to know, that it can be done in a very healthy and sensible way. And she hopes to inspire these women in 2011.

Check out Kourtney's blog and read the entire OK mag interview, packed with her skinny post-baby body tips.


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