Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eva Longoria Proves That Girls Can Go From Flat To Curvy With The Right Bra

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

The petite and slender 35-year-old actress has a gorgeous toned body. And Eva proves that girls can go from flat to curvy with the right bust-boosting bra.

Just look at the amazing difference---there is Eva Longoria on the Desperate Housewives set recently, wearing a tight polka-dot 50's dress with some unbelievable cleavage.

And here she is again, enjoying some sexy bathing suit time last year, with a few less curves.

The simple solution?

A darn good bra!

Don't believe us? Then read below what popular Victoria's Secret catalgoue model Rosie says:

"I do believe in chicken fillets,” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says. “I’m not saying you have to use them, but if anyone knows me and sees me in a photoshoot, well, there are friends in there. I’m not a fan of that whole push-up look in the day. But, of course, you do need a lift with a sexy dress, so do what you’ve got to do, girls — shove them in there. I’ve been known to have three in at a time for shoots — plus padding."

Two of the best lingerie makers for instant cleavage: Victoria's Secret (of course) and Frederick's of Hollywood. Both companies sell tons and tons of bras, in just about every style, fabric, and color out there. From push-ups to deep plunges to water and gel-filled to padded to seamless to underwires to convertible and strapless, there's a bra with built-in cleavage waiting for you. And, er, Eva Longoria.

Check out lovely Eva and her cleavage, as a presenter at tomorrow night's SAG Awards televised on TNT.

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