Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Get That Smooth Airbrushed Look From Mineral Foundation

Foundation. We all need some coverage, even those with almost flawless skin.

But then again, the complaints we hear about wearing foundation-----feels like a mask.....doesn't last......too drying.......too oily......can't match the shade properly to skin tone, and so forth.

Then there's mineral foundation. And if you get this one right, your complexion can look red carpet ready. Smooth and airbrushed.

But not all mineral foundations are alike. Sure, the powder-y texture is wonderful, in that it is long-lasting and all-natural. Both high points. But some mineral foundations can produce a few problems. The application can be messy. And the results can look cakey, and yes, even heavy.

We'll admit, we have been a longtime liquid foundation user. It's easy to put on. Not always easy to get the perfect skin tone match, but still, the coverage is great, and it hides our imperfections.

However, we do want to try this one by Lancome. It's been out for a while, and still getting high marks from beauty editors. Allure magazine named Lancome Oscillation Power Foundation with SPF21 ($48, find dept. stores like Nordstroms), as one of its Best of Beauty 2010 products.

You can achieve that flawless no-makeup look by just turning on the button. Just dip the sponge into the mineral powder, press the handle's ON button, and experience a unique makeup session. The sponge tip vibrates 7,000 times per minute. How cool is that?!

Then simply rub the sponge applicator across the skin, as it massages the powder in smoothly and evenly. No clumpiness. The oscillating sponge helps break down the mineral powder into even the very finest particles. This motion allows the foundation to fill in fine lines and give that airbrushed look. The pros say that a regular brush cannot equal the more uniform finish that the Lancome vibrating applicator achieves.

Sure, it's a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way, and the Lancome Oscillation Power Foundation seems to do all the heavy lifting, so to speak. If you're all thumbs and really want that pretty no-makeup look without the mask feeling of a liquid foundation, then this one looks like a great bet.

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