Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Give Up On That Beauty Product Yet: 2-3 Months To See Results

You keep looking in the mirror, waiting for that wrinkle cream, acne treatment, firming serum and any other beauty product, to show results.

Frustrating when the beauty items you bought don't seem to be working.

We have a friend who was getting a big pimple on her chin. She begged us for a quick solution. We offered her a new acne treatment we had done research on, and she immediately grabbed the little tube out of our hand.

One day later, she complained to us, that this pimple potion was a piece of junk. Her pimple was still there. Why didn't it work, she asked.

My, my, we laughed. Give the stuff some time to work. And that is the point of our BeautyTipToday:

We're all anxious for the quick fix. We want results ASAP, or as soon as possible. That's why beauty treatments like Botox and Juvederm are so crazy popular around the globe. Poof! And wrinkles are flattened and smoothed away.

Make certain that you are applying the product exactly as the directions tell you to use the treatment. If it is used primarily for nighttime, as you sleep, then, that is the time to use the product.

And be certain your beauty treatment has been researched through clinical studies, and has some solid science behind it. In other words, do your homework.What if we suggested to patiently wait for your beauty treatment to work. At least a few months. That's what the professionals tell us. Beauty treatments take time to work.

Dr. German Todorov, an expert researcher in anti-aging science wrote this article: "What To Do If Nothing Seems To Improve Your Wrinkles:"

"Another potential pitfall is a lack of patience. Skin changes do not happen rapidly. Keratinocytes, the cells of the epidermis, the skin's outer layer, are replaced about every four weeks. Changes in the dermis, the deeper layer where wrinkles originate, usually take longer. Even under the best of circumstances (i.e. proven treatment and responsive patient), changes are usually barely noticeable after one month. Most experts feel that 2-3 month is a reasonable trial period for anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products.
Keep in mind that slow and gradual changes are hard to notice. Sometimes, a person may think that a product is not working even when it does. Unfortunately, objective measurements of treatment effects are hard to perform without a research lab. Some people resort to split face testing but that may be impractical over a span of 2-3 month.
Another alternative is to take before and after photos. However, such photos are useful only if taken in reproducible, well-controlled lighting and camera conditions. This is doable but requires a substantial degree of diligence."

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