Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anushka Skinny Caffe Latte Body Cream: Like Frappuccino For Your Thighs

Heading to the beach, ladies?

Don't forget to pack this super cellulite buster by cellulite expert Anushka. This is a must-have for your beach bag this summer.

Look, we'll be honest. We've researched the 'skinny' on know...the dimpled fat that likes to form on your thighs, butt, tummy, even arms!

And we have learned, that you CANNOT get rid of cellulite permanently. BUT, you CAN reduce it's appearance, and STOP its further advancement. That is where Anushka's Skinny Caffe Latte Body Cream ($46, at comes to the rescue. This stuff is decadent. Think of it as a lovely frappuccino for your thighs!

"While drinking excessive amounts of caffeine (coffee) is a no-no for well-being, topical application of caffeine can visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite," says Anushka, founder of the famous Anushka Cellulite Clinic.

This cellulite-busting cream uses caffeine and green tea to firm those dimpled parts and smooth out skin with special anti-oxidants. You'll walk along the beach with the best-toned body around.

Sounds yummy for the firmest thighs and butt around. We see that photo of an amazing butt here. And if Anushka's Latte Body Cream can deliver a butt like that one, well, we'd slather it on every day.

Hey, Anuhska has been a pioneer in the fight to STOP cellulite. For years, this woman has researched and studied the problem, and brought to us all, some of the best scientifically-advanced cellulite treatments around. So we say yes, to the frappuccino for your thighs....and yes, butt.