Monday, May 30, 2011

My My MY: Maxi Dress Major Trend For Spring/Summer

Don't feel like baring your legs sometimes?

Then this popular 70's trend is for you.

The maxi dress appears to be THE dress of the 2011 spring/summer season. Fresh from the runway, we're seeing this hot trend popping up everywhere. And sexy celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Paris Hilton, and many others, are choosing these floor length dresses.

The maxi dress can go many places.....and not just to beach parties. You can pick big print or solid and sexy. And you can pay lots of money for a maxi, or you can hunt down some great ones for cheap.

We found these all at Most women know the website/catalogue company for its beautiful swimsuits. But also features much more, including amazing maxi dresses for just $39.99.