Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Loves The Topknot/Ballerina Bun Trend: Would You Wear It?

Jennifer Lopez hasn't met a topknot or ballerina bun she didn't like. In fact, if you are a loyal viewer of television's 'American Idol,', you will notice that the A.I. judge wears her honey-colored hair sleekly pulled back into a bun at least once a week.

JLo has even said before, that wearing her hair in a bun is her favorite style.

Is she on to something?

Absolutely. At the moment, swirled topknots are THE hot trend. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Whitney Port also enjoy rockin' this do.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez has a super stylist in Oribe. He can mold her very wavy hair into some incredible topknot/ballerina buns. Take a look at the talented star wearing a bold, fuschia Gucci gown at Monday night's 2011 Met Gala in New York City. And more importantly----look at her signature style.

Could you wear it? Would you rock the topknot bun?!

Let's give JLo some credit here. She's been doing this Black Swan do for years now, even back to those high-rollin' Ben Afleck days. But it's not for everyone. It is a very severe hairstyle.

Sometimes, we think it's a bit too harsh a look, even on the lovely star, but since Jennifer has stunning bone structure, we will give her a pass.
If you would like to try the swirled topknot, don't worry, you don't need Oribe to fashion your locks into this simple, sophisticated style.

Merely, pull your hair into a high pony tail with an elastic. Then, tease the pony tail lightly. Seal it with a few spritzes of hairspray, and twist it around the pony tail's base. Then secure with a few bobby pins.

And there you have it----a JLo topknot do.

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