Monday, May 2, 2011

Long Beautiful Kate Middleton Hair: Her Stylists Boast 'No Hair Extensions Here'

Who doesn't admire Princess Kate's long, beautiful hair?!

Of course, we all want to know her healthy hair tips.

And just recently, her celebrity stylist, Richard Ward, boasted that his most famous client has all her OWN hair. As he suggested....."No hair extensions here." Not even a few faux strands for the bride in the wedding of the century?

No....all Kate's hair!

So, what's the big deal?

If you look around Hollywood, and at lots of other well-known beauties around the globe, you will find that many do wear hair extensions. It's a celebrity fact-of-life. Even Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher, who once starred in a hair color commercial, bragged that at least HER hair was all her own, and that most Hollywood beauties she knew, all wore hair extensions.

Think about it, though. Hair extensions can do some amazing things:

With them, a girl can go instantly from short, fine hair to thick, wavy or curly long locks. You want the perfect hair shade, you can get it with extensions.

Of course, human hair extensions are better than synthetic hair extensions because they look most natural and blend in better with your own real hair.

With human hair extensions, you can curl them with heat, flat-iron them, and even chemically-treat these real, fake tresses with hair color, bleach, and perms.

With synthetic hair extensions, you are more limited in what you can do, however, when it comes to bad weather like rain and high humidity, the synthetic extensions hold up better. These strands have memory. Human hair extensions will droop like real hair in the bad weather.

So, how did Princess Kate get such great hair?!

According to the U.K.'s Mirror News, Kate never misses a hair appointment:"Kate owes her luscious locks to regular trips to Chelsea hairdresser Richard Ward. She’s been going to his salon for five years for a £105 cut and blow-dry." That's about $165 in U.S. dollars.

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