Sunday, May 1, 2011

Want To Bare It All? Then It's Time For MAC SkinSheen Leg Spray

If you desire that sexy golden glow without the health risks you get from lying in the sun or on the tanning bed, then it's time to fake it and fake it well, ladies.

MAC SkinSheen Leg Spray ($26.50, at nordstrom's). The product comes in Medium Dark and Dark.

And what we love about this gel-based bronzer is the ease with which it glides onto your skin. And it's not just for the legs. Smooth all over your body, except for your face, for that golden, sun-kissed glow.

We adore spray tans. Sure, there is an occasional streak or two, and it takes some practice to get it looking real, but these days, the lovely tans left behind are actually very nice. Gone are the too orange tones that spray tans used to deliver in mere minutes.

Our humble advice: Use MAC SkinSheen Leg Spray AFTER showering and shaving. A little exfoliation, like shaving, makes for a much smoother application process.

And things can get messy, so sit on the floor on an old towel and hit the shins first. Blend in quickly and thoroughly. And give time for the spray tan to fully dry.

MAC really has an excellent product in SkinSheen Leg Spray. And let's face it, this is the only safe way to look like you've spent a few days in the searing sun.

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