Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maria Shriver Stands Tall And Lets Her Incredible Hair Do The Talking

Maria Shriver has always carried herself with dignity and grace. And once again, showed that tough-as-nails Kennedy spirit when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey's farewell show in Chicago on Tuesday. That's the same day it was revealed that her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had fathered a secret child more than 10 years ago with a member of their household staff.

Not an easy week for Maria, the mother of two daughters and two sons.

But on a totally different note, we will say, that we are obsessed with Maria Shriver's stunning locks. And while the going gets tough, Maria has stood tall, through it all, and her hair has certainly stood the test of time.

It's obvious that the talented author, news journalist and speaker, has naturally curly hair. Check out the photos. On May 10th, Maria is wearing her sun-kissed light brunette hair sleek with some waves. And on Tuesday at Oprah's star-studded farewell taping,the 55-year-old beauty is rocking some big, wild curls.

Yes.....incredible hair at 55. Full. Shiny, and with a healthy bounce.

What are Maria Shriver's best hair tips?!

Wish we knew. We are surprised, after all these years of seeing this talented woman, that no one ever asked her, what styling products she uses on her hair. Trust us, there is no shame in asking a famous person how they maintain their beautiful hair, skin, figure, etc.

Meantime, here are some healthy hair tips by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson:

1. Don't shampoo more than 3 times a week. Washing too much strips your hair of natural oils.

2. Overnight treatments replenish your mane while you sleep. Apply product to roots, work it through to the ends, and rinse in the morning.

3. If you want to grow your hair, try taking a supplement called Biotin. I've told a lot of actresses to use this B Vitamin.