Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Head To Toe: Women Want To Know What Princess Kate Is Wearing

Poor Kate Middleton. The newlywed Princess-to-be can't even go grocery shopping without a ton of cameras focused on her every move and every outfit she puts on.

From head to toe, women are dying to know what she's wearing, and more importantly, 'who' she's wearing.

And at the moment, it's all about Kate's princess feet.

Kate Middleton adores ballet flats, and was photographed in a cute pair by London Sole Shoes, while out buying food and staples on Wednesday.

These brown croc patent ballet flats cost $165, and are in the Pirouette style.

Kate also fancies the Henrietta ballet flats, which you can check out at luxe London Sole.

Princess Kate is keeping her daytime look right------simple and sleek, and apparently, taking a page right out of the supermodel Cindy Crawford handbook:

1. Jeans 'that make your butt look good,'
2. And Ballet Flats. Stylish and comfortable, and these classic shoes go with everything, Cindy

By the way, we have learned that the late Princess Diana was also a frequent shopper at London Sole. Kate is following in some very stylish footsteps.


Sus77 said...

Ballet flats are FUGLY!Srry but I must have high heels on all the time to look+feel good about myself. Who cares what Cindy Carwford thinks?She's old now.

Anonymous said...

I likes these fahsion tips very much.
thanks you.