Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kelly Ripa Go-To Drink: EBOOST Energy Packets

TV host Kelly Ripa is one very busy woman. She's got three kids, does television commercials, makes many media appearances, and also works out like a fiend. And at age 40, she is 'ripped.'

Kelly has admitted that she works out 7 days a week to keep her extremely toned body in shape.

"I work out every day, and I make sure to do something different every day," Kelly has said.

So, if Kelly Ripa is giving out nutritional tips, well, she would surely know what's good for your body and what's bad. You don't have to agree with her super toned, ultra-skinny figure, but you have to admit, the girl is so very disciplined.

And the star is revealing her go-to drink when she really needs some get up and go:

Word has it, that Kelly Ripa adds EBOOST energy drink mix to her water.

The energy drink is sold in 20-packet boxes $28 at eboost. And it's full of yummy flavor and all that good stuff-----2,500 mcg of Vitamin B12, 1,000mg of Vitamin C, and 120 mcg of chromium, to stop cravings. PLus, you don't get that jittery caffeine feeling you often get from other energy drinks.

Take a sip because it's all good in: pink lemonade, acai, orange, and pomegranate.

EBOOST will certainly add a lot of pep to your step.

Great beauty tip, Kelly Ripa!