Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay Infused Mascara Really Excellent 'Earthy' Eye Candy

Tarte cosmetics has really advanced the science of beauty in 2011.

Back in March, we told you about Tarte's amazing Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush (read about it here).

And now, we have gotten a chance to try Tarte Amazonian Clay Infused Volumizing Mascara ($19, at Sephora). We picked up a tube, because, first---we've NEVER met a mascara we didn't like, and secondly, we were once again intrigued by the thought of clay-infused mascara.

Really now? Clay? Oh yeah, and it comes straight from the banks of the Amazon River. It's NOT a gimmick. This is about as 'earthy' or natural as a mascara can get.

So, exactly, what does Tarte Amazonian Clay Infused Volumizing Mascara do for lashes, that other mascaras fail to do?

Some really good things:

1. Delivers a 406% increase in lash volume---for big, fat lashes.

2. Hydrates and replenishes brittle, dry lashes.

3. Special clay-infused formula allows mascara to stay on longer with no flaking.

4. Keeps mascara color longer with more pigment intensity.

5. Returns lashes to healthier condition with each swipe taken.

We like this Tarte clay-infused mascara. And it's nice to know, that we are doing something good to our lashes, because, let's face it.....our eyelashes go through a lot of beauty rituals, day in and day out. And any formula that promotes healthy, thicker lashes, gets an A+ in our book.