Saturday, May 28, 2011

Braun Battery-Operated Hair Brush Boosts Shine And Softness

Say bye-bye to fly-away and frizzy hair. At the simple press of a button, you get instant shine and smoothness.

It's a battery-operated hair brush with active ion technology, called the Braun Satin Hair Brush ($75, at And it won't damage hair because it has seamless bristles.

The Satin Hair Brush works with Iontec, which in layman's terms, well, we can't really explain, but let the company say it better:

"Braun IONTEC works just like a conditioner: the ions continuously minimise the build-up of charges and therefore keep the friction between hair fibres down. Braun IONTEC also encourages weak and damaged hair to hold onto essential moisture supplies meaning hair looks smooth, shiny and healthy."

It's easy to use and travel-friendly, and actually, good for your hair.

Let's be honest.....We all damage our locks on a daily basis with constant blow-drying, coloring, bleaching, perming, straightening, flat-ironing, and so forth. And the Braun Satin Hair Brush is designed to smooth out the cuticles and bring back healthy shine.

Who wouldn't want a glossy head of hair?