Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fred Flare To The Fashion Rescue: Cat Eye Frames For Cheap!

We told you back in February of this year, about the hot, cat eye sunglasses trend. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, and Nicole Richie, are always photographed wearing a pair.

And we can see why---It's a great shape for eye wear and brings attention to the cheek bones, providing a lovely lift to the face. And cat eye sunglasses come in all sizes and colors.

Of course, we all enjoy a bargain, so that's why we are highlighting the finds at Get your fashion freak on at Fred's. We like it, because their frames are very affordable.

Check out the Bridget....Just $12 for these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses, ladies. Love them! These even look as good as the very expensive pair JLo has been snapped in. We like the exaggerated cat eye shape, along with decent lenses providing UV400 protection. The Bridget, by the way, measures about 2.25”x5”.

More details here at FredFlare.