Friday, September 7, 2012

Peroxide Blonde: The Hot Look At MTV Music Awards

Amber Rose, Miley Cyrus, and Mama Pink really stood out at the MTV Music Awards show last evening. And the reason is very simple:

Peroxide blonde hair.

It wasn't exactly glamour puss in the classic image of Marilyn Monroe, but a shorter, edgier look on all three celebrities.

Now, we know you're either going to LOVE platinum cropped hair or you won't. And for the Miley fans who USED to adore the singer's more demure girly dos, we're curious if you're into the Miley edgy cut now, with sky-high volume.

We like the hot mess look on all three ladies. Pregnant Amber Rose looks radiant and stunning with her longer-than-ever peroxide hair and Mama Pink, well, this is her signature style and she rocks it.

We happen to approve of darker brows with very blonde locks. The professional makeup application is done just right, and we think rebellious Miley wears this ultra blonde shade and faux mohawk look with confidence and attitude.

As we all know in basic hair blonding 101, the lighter you go, the more time-consuming it becomes trying to keep up with ever-popping roots the chance of more damage to the delicate hair cuticle develops, the more conditioning required, etc.

That's why cropped dos and peroxide go hand-in-hand, because really long peroxide hair is the ultimate hair challenge even for the best of us. Or is it?

Check out this YouTube DIY video by BentleyBlonde on How To Maintain PLatinum.


Anonymous said...

Hey, all 3 look cheap & tarty!ROFLMFAO

Anonymous said...

No likey.