Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adele's Envious Peaches+Cream Complexion Secret: The Perfect Primer

A lot of people admire British beauty Adele for her incredible vocals. Others love Adele for her big, amazing hair. And some of us envy the U.K. singer for her peaches + cream complexion.

Adele has lovely, healthy, clear skin!
Of course, like most famous folks, Adele has a super team of hair + makeup people ready to adorn her for the red carpet. And these pros ALWAYS have some excellent beauty secrets.

So, how does Adele's complexion look so flawless?!

 Her makeup artist Troy Suratt says it's-- all in the perfect primer. And his choice is expensive La Mer:

La Mer The Concentrate ($290, 1 oz).

Why is this so special?

The La Mer formula works FAST to iron everything out with its reparative marine/plant ingredients. But he uses it as a step in the makeup routine.

"Apply it as a primer," Troy advises.

He often uses the luxurious skin care treatment on the British star. .
Troy massages the La Mer into Adele's skin to "eliminate puffiness around the eyes and increase circulation."

He adds that The Concentrate..."creates a smooth canvas for the foundation that allows makeup to last for hours."

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