Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Want Sculpted Arms For Summer? Try The Jersey Shore Snooki Method Of Training

We don't care how you get there, but if flipping over huge tires can give you sculpted sexy arms, then....'Just do it," as the famous Nike saying is telling you.

We like to fool around with 7 lb. dumbbells to get our biceps + triceps toned. But hey-----moving around very large tires can also show results.

Just look at 'Jersey Shore' reality star Snooki. The proud mama has been on a fitness tear for months now, and all the hard work + dedication is paying off.
The 25-year-old Mama to baby Lorenzo REALLY gets buff by flippin' tires:

 "How I start my Saturdays," she explained recently on her Instagram. "Buns and guns."

 Snooki is  training with New Jersey-based fitness expert Anthony Michael. She  is proud of her new athletic body, as she tweeted yesterday.
"Everyone's saying the 'new fit me' isn't what I'm suppose to look [like]," she wrote. "I wasn't always a fatass, kids. Get used to my fit life, cause I love it!"

Bravo to you, Mama Snooki!!

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